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I found this article interesting. The content is interesting, offering great advice on lengthening our life span; however, only the Bible can carry the claim of offering mankind the gift of everlasting life. John 17:3

Lewis Jackson

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How did she run 8 miles?

Today my daughter, Shannan, jogged her first 8 miles non-stop. "How did she do it?" I ask myself incredulously. I should know better, the will of the mind is much stronger than the will of the body. Simply mind over matter. Shannan is a slender girl, 5' 11" She has NEVER run more than 4 complete miles. All my previous runs with her left much to be desired. Yes, I saw her as a chip off the old block having the potential to be a distance runner like her dad. But to me attitude has everything to do with running and if you have self-doubt then perhaps the stands/ bleachers are the best place for a person to be. Shannan is a bright strong minded girl who didn't like my coaching her. "Shut up Dad!!!" sums things up nicely. After dealing with her attitude once too often, I told her, "Shannan, you are training on your own. You are unteachable." I go into embarrassing detail here because Shannan has proved me wrong tonight.

My first surprise was that Shannan asked me if I wanted to go for a run. "Okay, I'll play along." Surprise number two, "Dad, I want to jog 6 miles." Now I knew I had to push this. In the driveway before our run I tell her, "Shannan, it is all in your mind. Tell yourself that I am going to run 8 miles." All along I knew this might be way out of her reach. She responded with uncharacteristic optimism, so I sympathetic offered my support and off we jogged. I told her slow down Shannan, slow down. And she listened to my coaching. I told her keep your arms down, don't hold them up to tight to your chest. I told her breath out through your mouth, your body will breath in automatically. She listened without showing the slightest irritation. I said to myself, "Who is this young girl I'm jogging with. do I know this girl?" We continued on to mile two and I told her run mile by mile. Each mile is a small victory bring you closer to your goal. She picked a leaf off a branch and said, "This is my inspiration."

I kept observing her looking for weaknesses. Looking for Dad to step in and save her from certain defeat. Was I a responsible father bringing her out this far knowing she couldn't make it back. It started to get colder my hands were getting that characteristic numbness cold air brings on moist hands. It was getting darker, had we left too late? Mile 4, our half way point. There's little graffitti's on the trail sprayed in white. Heart shaped faces telling us to keep it up! and Wow! Dinosaurs with little smiles painted green spaced out every mile or less along the trail. Shannan seemed enchanted by this little artistic bits of inspiration. I tell her they're my inspiration, my little speechless friends keep me motivated.

I tell Shannan if you make this run I'll give you $10. But Shannan is beginning to slow down. I know as an experienced runner she'll never make it home. I imagine myself carrying my daughter on my shoulders. I tell her if you make it 5 miles I'll give you $5 and every mile after that I'll give you $2, a possible total of $11. I'm trying to motivate, I'm trying to pull out that person that can do anything against impossible odds. but Shannan is motivating me. Her cousin is in the hospital struggling for her life. She tells me, Dad, I'm dedicating this run to Mary." I tell her, "Shannan run each mile for Mary. And that becomes the prime motivation.

"Okay, Shannan, this is the psyche test. Your mind will tell you you can't. Your body will start to hurt. Your feet will hurt." We are past 5 miles closing in on 6 miles. Shannan has run for an hour now. She has proven herself a runner in my eyes. This is not the Shannan i knew before, this is a reborn Shannan with a new attitude and a new determination. This is Shannan the Champion.

I tell Shannan this last few miles will be the toughest. It is dark now and it is cold. Shannan is in uncharted territory. She has an opportunity to stop at the stoplight, but she keeps jogging in place. I am truly running with a great runner. Now I begin to chant, "Shannan, boombyai! Shannan boombyai!" Shannan the killer. Shannan the slayer of the 8 mile run. She is noticeably weakened, yet her determination is undeterred.

We cross the highway, only 400 yards or so to go. Shannan opens up into a sprint. I tell her, "Shannan NO! you'll hurt yourself! She slows down immediately." And I can't help but think if she continued sprinting, would I have been able to keep up with her? After the Shannan tells me she doesn't know how she did it. She doesn't know how she jogged  8 miles. I tell her, "Shannan, I don't know how you did it either." But I do know she had it in her all the time.

Lewis Jackson

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The best quick morning workout?

By quick morning workout I mean 20 minutes or less. I've tried so called 4 minute or even 10 minute morning workouts and they were never enough to get my circulation really primed for the day or even offer noticeable long term benefit– especially when this didn't include an afternoon workout of 30 plus minutes. What I'm looking for is a workout that will keep me close enough to my high performance workouts, keep me oiled so to speak so that I build core strength and conditioning. I figured if the mini workouts offered me enough conditioning I could extend these workouts more frequently to the longer workouts I desired.

Okay so what mini workout offers this level of conditioning? One recently discovered tool I found very effective for cardiovascular conditioning is the stepper. I prefered the Gold's Gym stepper, which also comes with a workout dvd. Whatever stepper you use it should enable a light up and down jog. A stepper that is around 4 inches high should fit the bill. I step/ jog up with my right foot followed by my left foot– two taps, left foot and right foot. Then step down, right foot/ left foot– you hear three taps. Then step up first with the left foot– two taps. Step down three taps. I go into detail here because you a rhythm of two foot taps up on the stepper and three foot taps on the floor before you go up again for two taps. I combine the stepper with push ups and crunches. And yes, you can go over 20 minutes– who cares when you're sweating now and having so much fun!

My Good Morning workout:

10 push-ups– to prime my upper body
15 minutes on the stepper
15 more push-ups
2 minutes of stomach crunches

That's about 20 minutes!

This is my base workout in the mornings if I don't do anything else. I try to intersperse this workout with a variety of other workouts in the morning usually lasting more than 20 minutes. This includes popping in my Gold's Gym, Pilates, or Billy blanks dvds. Usually I go with the 20 minute workout when I plan to run 8 plus miles in the afternoon. I hope this is helpful to your fitness goals.

Good health to you,

Lewis Jackson

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What Are “Power Foods”?

Here is a list of foods that are particularly high in Omega-3, antioxidants, or other substances that promote brain health.

Fish and Seafood

Fish are a great source of Omega-3, and research is strong on the benefits of fish and seafood consumption. In fact, oily ocean fish are the most potent anti-inflammatory food you can put into your body. However, with the publication of research that also shows high amounts of mercury and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in some fish, eating fish and seafood is a little bit scary in today’s toxic world. Research has shown that mercury and PCBs can lead to mental impairment in adults, and can be particularly dangerous when ingested by pregnant women and small children. My recommendation is to limit your intake of the mercury-laden fish – such as swordfish, king mackerel, shark, tilefish, and albacore tuna – and instead take advantage of the many types of fish and seafood that are high in Omega-3 but low in mercury or PCBs – Atlantic and Spanish mackerel, wild Pacific salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines.

For more information, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for recent information on which fish are high in mercury levels, and which are low. You can also visit the Environmental Working Group’s website, which provides you with a tuna calculator to determine safe limits.

Whole Grains

There is now an abundance of research on the health benefits of whole grain consumption. Including whole cereal grains in the diet has been linked with protection against type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, obesity, depression and even skin conditions such as acne. As we point out in our book Your Skin, Younger, a long-term diet high in whole grain cereals has been shown to be protective against the development of the visible signs of aging (i.e. skin wrinkling during the aging process).

In 1930 General Foods took out a full-page ad in Good Housekeeping magazine under the banner “Your dining table can do damage your dressing table can’t repair!” It was an ad for fiber-rich Post’s Bran Flakes. Turns out they were right. Seventy-one years later a study of almost 500 older adults would show that a diet high in whole grains is associated with fewer skin wrinkles and visible signs of aging. Additional research is now linking healthy digestive functioning (and intestinal bacteria influenced by dietary fiber) with skin health. Whole grains are well known to be rich in dietary fibers which help balance blood sugar, improve digestive health, and they are also rich in skin protective vitamins and antioxidants.

Yogurt and Kefir

In recent years there have been a number of studies showing that fermented dairy products are important in health promotion. The bacteria residing in the intestinal tract can play a crucial role in overall health. Fermented dairy products can deliver beneficial bacteria (including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) to the intestinal tract. These bacteria can have a profound influence on health beyond the GI tract – for example, the consistent intake of yogurt through adulthood is associated with a decreased risk of the visible signs of aging later in life.  A recent University of Toronto study has shown that oral delivery of yogurt bacteria can diminish anxiety in adults with chronic fatigue syndrome. Human research shows that oral consumption of these probiotic bacteria can decrease inflammation not only in the gut, but throughout the body as well. Since most chronic medical conditions (from arthritis to psoriasis) are rooted in inflammation, the regular consumption of fermented dairy is recommended.

The benefits of the bacteria (found in fermented dairy) for skin health is discussed in detail in the Skin Digestion chapter of Your Skin, Younger.
Purple/Deep Red Foods

Foods that contain purple-colored pigments called anthocyanins are now being recognized as extra special when it comes to the protection of our blood vessels and our nerve cells. Examples of foods high in anthocyanins include blueberries, bilberries (European blueberries), blackberries, dark cherries, purple carrots, pomegranate, acai, purple sweet potatoes, purple cauliflower, black grapes and beets.

The purple pigments found in these foods offer significant antioxidant protection, enhance signaling between nerve cells, protect the blood-brain barrier, strengthen blood vessels that supply blood to the brain, and exert a significant anti-inflammatory effect capable of reducing pain.

Green Foods

Green foods contain a precious mineral – magnesium – that is worth its weight in nutritional gold. Magnesium makes up an important part of chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants. Found in nature’s greens, magnesium can quench the flames of inflammation in both the heart and the brain.


This is the yellow powder found in curry, and in a number of experimental studies it has been shown to have significant neuroprotective and mood-enhancing properties. Part of the reason for this might be the fact that turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin is an absolutely brilliant plant antioxidant and has significant anti-inflammatory properties.


Ginger has significant anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Gingerol, one of the many active chemicals found in ginger, has been shown to specifically inhibit inflammatory chemicals of neuropsychiatric significance. In addition, research has shown that ginger can influence the manufacture of inflammatory brain chemicals at the genetic level, and that it protects the fat components of the nerve walls against free radical attack.

Green Tea

Research shows that regular consumption of green tea has multiple health benefits. Green tea contains a blend of phytochemicals called catechins, which are potent antioxidants with significant anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacterial while promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

To see what specific brands, supplements and other super foods

Dr. Logan recommends visit www.drlogan.com.

Dr. Alan C. Logan is a Connecticut Board-Certified
Naturopathic Physician and invited faculty member of Harvard’s School of
Continuing Medical Education, where he lectures in the mind-body medicine
courses offered at Harvard.


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Wait! Before you buy PX90 try this!!!

This article is not a critique of PX90. In fact, I was very impressed with their commercial. The host of the commercial is 50 years plus young with a body and abs more ripped than mine. Usually these commercials feature young people who look good anyway despite slogging down Big Macs, fries, and strawberry shakes. I felt the commercial was credible. There were quite a number of women and men who would otherwise be 'over the hill.' So my interest was piqued.

My question is what about all those exercise tapes, dvds, and fitness knowledge we have acquired over the years. I'm speaking to us veteran exercises who are most likely to purchase PX90. Do we throw away Billy Blanks, Tony Little, Joe Weider, Pilates, and all our other fitness equipment? Is everything pre-PX90 obsolete? I don't think so. Ironically, I think all of these variety of exercise routine represent essentially what PX90 is, muscle confusion. The PX90 principle is to avoid stagnation/ sticking points by working your muscles in a variety of ways. The muscle never has a chance to adapt and resist growth or increased performance.

My argument is to dust off all of those 'failed' tools for getting in shape and rethink how we do exercise. Even if you're a mainstream athlete such as a runner or tennis player cross training techniques like PX90 will improve your performance in your select sport. I've decided to dust off my Gold's Gym dvd, Tony Little, Billy Blanks, Pilates, Total Gym, weight training equipment, bullworker, you name it, I just about have it all. And now it's time to use them all, not in isolation, but in combination so that I benefit from the PX90 principle. PX90 asks you to devote 1 hour per day training. Well, if you're a veteran and you devote your wealth of exercise knowledge and equipment to 1 hour per day I'm sure you can also attain comparable PX90 results.

Go for it. Your greatest ally is believing in yourself.

By Lewis Jackson


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