Are your emotions making you sick?

I learned this little gem while I was reading the book, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Vincent Norman Peale. it said that negative emotional upheavals, not too much work, can make you physically sick with a variety of ailments. It also suggested relaxation exerises, flooding our minds wth positive thoughts/ positive quotes, and reading God’s word, the Bible, daily. The last tidbit is most important for the Bible itself has revealed long ago, “A calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism, but jealousy is rotteness to the bones.” Proverbs 14:30

Live long and prosper,

Lewis Jackson

I did something weird this morning

I did something truly weird this morning. I hopped on my treadclimber, but instead of putting the pace fast, I punched it in at a whopping 2 mph– snails pace. At this pace I read the Bible, and famous quotes. Actually, I have a deck of index cards I read through with a famous quote, a scripture, a relaxation tip or whatever on each side of each index card. It takes me an hour to go through this deck meditatively. After my hour walk, I did a quick workout on my Total gym. Weider also has it’s own version of the Total Gym– so I have one of each machine. This is a weird workout for me, but it leaves feeling energetic and mentally pumped up for the day. :^)

Lew Jackson

I am looking for fitness comeback stories.

I am looking for people who have had fitness comeback stories. Could that be you? I’m attempting a comeback of my own in running. I used to run 6:30 miles in long distance running. I’m now 46 yrs old and the challenge seems daunting. The body just doesn’t do what it used to do– or is that true? When I visited Maine on vacation I had good success in working, even running up their steep mountains. I started to feel like my young self but then I returned home to Florida. I’m hoping to bring some of the success from Maine here. Let me know your success stories. It could be just the encouragement I need.

Your running buddy,


New Blog

This blog is more for inspirational/ mental health. My latest vacation to Maine was a very rewarding one, which afforded me a chance to get back into shape and make some new discoveries. lease visit the special page I created for this blog. You can consider it my personal/ no specific theme– just me expressing me.

my personal blog


The BOA Diet

The BOA Diet is not a diet at all. I would classify it as a supplement to a healthy eating plan that gives your digestive system a break. Think of it as cleaning out your carburetor and boosting your nutrient base. I do this “fast” once a week, usually on Monday. BOA stands for eating bananas for breakfast, oranges for lunch, and apples for dinner. You can, of course, substitute these with any variety of fruits and nuts. The objective is to give your body a slight fast without starving yourself of nutrients. Eat as much whole fruits as you like. I like to supplement with nuts and other natural EASY to digest foods. Visit MisterGoodBuy home page and click on Peak Energy Science for healthy supplements.

By Lewis Jackson

Easy Acne Treatment

This is a free way to freshen your face and all you need is a paper towel. I used this treatment to combat acne and it worked great. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. Now rinse your face thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and PAT dry with a paper towel. The trick is in the patting dry and avoiding rubbing your face as this irritates the skin. I also recommend avoiding lotions that may attract dirt to your face. Thorough cleaning and blotting dry with the paper towel is the key.

By Lewis Jackson

7 Minute Core Fitness Training

This is my cup of coffee in the morning. I stop short of calling this an exercise routine. I’d rather refer to it as a core maintenance program. I begin with 10 pushups followed by 15 crunches~ with another optional 10 pushups. Then I have a special 4 minute workout for my legs using a 6 foot plus ladder. I grab the ladder with both hands at about the shoulder height rung. And then I step up with both feet on the second rung from the bottom rung. Now I simply lower one foot to the floor and lift it back up onto the rung. I do the same with the other foot and I keep alternating up and down on a four minute timer.

The workout takes approximately 7 minutes in the morning. At night I recommend doing 10 pushups and 15 crunches before going to bed. This workout, of course, is not a substitute for your half hour plus workouts you do during the week. But it will keep your mood elevated to maintain your regular workout schedule.

By Lewis Jackson

What is natural organic health?

Natural refers to food in nature’s packaging, raw food without processing. I guess you could say the more you manage a food– change it’s properties, “fortify it with additives and the like the more it gets away from it’s most potent state. At my website,, I try to promote products that improve health and fitness.

I believe in eating foods that are organic, unprocessed and not “messed” with. I remember my mother’s kitchen, her vegetable garden, and the fruits, apples, pears, and strawberries I used to pick from trees, branches, and vines growing up in Long Island, New York. Life has changed drastically, there are no organic fruits and vegetables in my mother’s back yard anymore. And foods that you buy from stores are very heavily processed. So that is my interest in creating this blog and my website. I hope to create an awareness of what we got away from and I’m struggling to get back to that as much of it as I can.

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