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Push-ups for performance day five

This morning, Friday December 24th, I awake at 3:45 am to catch a flight ✈ from LA Guardia, NY back to my second home Florida, where I now live.

I’ve no time for push-ups as my brother, Jim, is arriving momentarily to drive me to the airport. I feel fine physically, no soreness or anything from prior days push-ups. My body is being conditioned to the hundred a day.

The thought passes my mind to do push-ups at the airport… whatever, I can imagine the reaction– fanatic or Terrorist alert ⚠️ Sanity prevails, but the thought lingers on as I’m spending practically all day waiting for my connecting at Reagan Airport, Washington. Finally, arrive in Florida and my beautiful 😍 wife, Princess Claire, drives me home.

I really hate to break the hundred a day streak and really, didn’t I earn a day off. Plus there’s the possibility 😏 of injury because you should get adequate rest between workouts. But you know what? I do them anyway.

And it’s amazing how you can underestimate your ability to achieve more, if you only go past that precipice. I did the in pairs of 5. That is 5 push-ups short pause and 5 more for a set of ten and then a few minutes break, gradually working my way up to 100. So I did it cautiously, considering the possibility of injury, but I felt really good and much better afterwards.

Now it’s time for a confession– my daughter, Shannan, aka Ksanakai brought home pizza 🍕 one of the worst destructive foods for your body. But you know what? I deserve it. 😌

3 Simple ways to vastly improve your health and fitness

3 Simple ways to vastly improve your health and fitness

Read my brief life story from my new http://www.health-2-fitness.com website

Hi I am Lewis Jackson and I am an avid health and fitness enthusiast. As a youngster, I had a very active lifestyle. My Dad played college football and later became a marathon runner. I literally followed in his footsteps and ran numerous 10ks, half marathons, and marathons. I continued to run through college, but after I got married and built a family, I began to slow down. Health problems involving my teeth contributed to my demise.

However, I fought back and refused to succumb to the damages of a sedentary lifestyle. The importance of exercise, nutrition, and proper rest are now more important in my life than ever. This website shares the resources I’ve found to be most helpful on my road to recovery.

I’ve found regular exercise of 30 minutes or more each day is very important to maintaining physical conditioning. It should not be underestimated in its ability to maintain the circulatory, respiratory, and skeletal systems of the body. We look in the mirror and its hard to detect the body wasting away through atrophy from the inside out. When symptoms of disease or damage occur, it is often too late to affect full recovery. The best health 2 fitness medicine is prevention, even if it is only mild walking each day for half an hour.

Nutrition was something I cheated on as a youth. I loved McDonalds, Burger King, and other processed foods and sugary drinks. My first wake up call was when I learned that many sodas contain up to nine teaspoons of sugar– not to mention the other chemical additives and acids. Even many supermarket foods you buy are heavily processed and contain toxins and synthetics. The nutrition links found on this page will provide alternative food sources that will help rebuild and vitalize your health and fitness from the inside out.

Finally, proper rest and sleep is paramount for full recovery and recuperation from each day’s rigors. You should schedule time for eight hours of sleep each night. Take catnaps to lessen stress on the body during the day. Maintain a positive outlook by feeding your mind and heart positive sources of motivation. It is also important to avoid emotional upheavals and drama in your life. Try to avoid allowing responsibilities to pile up, be proactive, keep life simple, and stay organized.

The three areas, exercise, nutrition, and proper rest, I briefly discussed above are part of what I call my well-being triangle. I hope my brief health and fitness tips have been helpful to you.