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Push-ups for performance day five

This morning, Friday December 24th, I awake at 3:45 am to catch a flight ✈ from LA Guardia, NY back to my second home Florida, where I now live.

I’ve no time for push-ups as my brother, Jim, is arriving momentarily to drive me to the airport. I feel fine physically, no soreness or anything from prior days push-ups. My body is being conditioned to the hundred a day.

The thought passes my mind to do push-ups at the airport… whatever, I can imagine the reaction– fanatic or Terrorist alert ⚠️ Sanity prevails, but the thought lingers on as I’m spending practically all day waiting for my connecting at Reagan Airport, Washington. Finally, arrive in Florida and my beautiful 😍 wife, Princess Claire, drives me home.

I really hate to break the hundred a day streak and really, didn’t I earn a day off. Plus there’s the possibility 😏 of injury because you should get adequate rest between workouts. But you know what? I do them anyway.

And it’s amazing how you can underestimate your ability to achieve more, if you only go past that precipice. I did the in pairs of 5. That is 5 push-ups short pause and 5 more for a set of ten and then a few minutes break, gradually working my way up to 100. So I did it cautiously, considering the possibility of injury, but I felt really good and much better afterwards.

Now it’s time for a confession– my daughter, Shannan, aka Ksanakai brought home pizza 🍕 one of the worst destructive foods for your body. But you know what? I deserve it. 😌