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Coming Back… Again?!

After a bout with a long persistent virus, I’m positioning myself once again for a comeback of sorts. To be honest, I am sort of discouraged about a recent 9 mile road race. I mean I didn’t expect to do that well because I felt sickly, but the reality of actually performing that poorly– a measly 8 minutes per mile was depressing. Once upon a time I ran 6 minutes per mile over 12 mile distances. Those days are gone now, I suppose, but c’mon, 8 minute miles! Well anyway, today I did 200 push-ups. Last week I had did 300 push-ups. I’m trying to get overall conditioning first before I build endurance and speed from running. You’d be amazed how tough those so-called skinny little running wimps are. And now I understand why people who I felt had a grudge against me when I was younger opted out of the fight option. Memo, don’t pick a fight with young or old active runners they’re much more rugged than they look!