7 Minute Core Fitness Training

This is my cup of coffee in the morning. I stop short of calling this an exercise routine. I’d rather refer to it as a core maintenance program. I begin with 10 pushups followed by 15 crunches~ with another optional 10 pushups. Then I have a special 4 minute workout for my legs using a 6 foot plus ladder. I grab the ladder with both hands at about the shoulder height rung. And then I step up with both feet on the second rung from the bottom rung. Now I simply lower one foot to the floor and lift it back up onto the rung. I do the same with the other foot and I keep alternating up and down on a four minute timer.

The workout takes approximately 7 minutes in the morning. At night I recommend doing 10 pushups and 15 crunches before going to bed. This workout, of course, is not a substitute for your half hour plus workouts you do during the week. But it will keep your mood elevated to maintain your regular workout schedule.

By Lewis Jackson

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