Forgive and forget for good health

Forgive an forget– try writing a letter to your enemies like the one I wrote this morning.

Dear Enemies,


I want you to know that I have received a revelation, an exhilarating and liberating joy I experienced when I prayed on your behalf. I am happy and I want you to be too.


This letter is to you, my enemies, to whom I am at animosity. I do not wish to point blame; in fact, I am assuming all blame for the conflict that exists between us. I’ve learned that life is too short and too many pleasurable moments from my loved ones have been robbed by taking a self-righteous stance and insisting that justice be served.


Since when do enemies grant justice to each other? The whole enterprise is swiftly resolved when the stronger of the two chooses to forgive and forget.


There comes a time when, right or wrong, it is time to move on from unresolved issues that have become crusades. And I know that you, yes you, my enemy have sought peace with me, but I replied with sullen resentment. I want you to know that I appreciate those efforts on your part. Deep in my heart I wanted to reply in kind, but I had let the darkness of resentment seep too far down into my soul. I will try in the future to reciprocate such kindness should you be so generous to extend it again. Please be patient with me as I am a work in progress.


This letter is the olive branch I extend to you for the sake of our mutual peace and happiness. You need not acknowledge it as you may never receive this letter from me. Then what is its purpose? Its purpose is as a reminder to me that I have ceased to exonerate myself in all real and imagined hostilities. I realize that this futile conquest is purely a wasted focus from more productive endeavors, such as loving and having fun. I have chosen instead to formulate solutions by means of friendly acts and gestures. And when these fail I have chosen to pray for you my enemy, and I pray that we shall be at peace and enjoy each other’s company.


There was a time when I had no enemies. Then I grew up and I realized that there were people who had deep seated grudges towards me, as if they wanted me annihilated or at least my personality assimilated to conform to their wishes. These weren’t the typical playground fights I had in which later on that afternoon or the following day we became friends. These present day enemies literally wanted to discombobulate a chunk of my life. They wanted to exact real scars and damage that would consume years and extend over a lifetime.


It’s time to go back to being a child. The price of nursing enemies or frenemies is too much high maintenance and too much to pay.    


From this point on, I no longer acknowledge you as my enemy. That power is now relinquished from you over my heart and mind. You are free to go on hating me, but I will not acknowledge your efforts– except in reply by kindness. You are, hopefully, my friend in waiting and as such I will wait patiently on you.


Until such time, this is my letter of reminder that I shall pull out and read each time I am tempted to engage in the fray. This letter is my creed. And I hope you too will see our mutual annihilation as a foolish occupation and a pointless way to spend one’s life.


Your friend in waiting,



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