Fay Go Away!

I’m sure if you live anywhere along the East coast, especially below New York, you have heard of Fay, the tropical storm. It started in earnest on Wednesday and has continued through Friday. This evening we had a series of tornadoes. Many of them were water funnels in the St. John’s River, but we had a tornado miss our home by a couple of blocks. Certainly not a day for running. Actually, I’m a bad boy. I didn’t exercise at all today. I’ve been feeling down. :^( But tomorrow I’m hoping to pep back up. (Okay, I’m going to pep up. :^) To be honest, just about everybody seems emotionally exhausted from this storm. If you have bad weather your way, literally or figuratively, stay strong. Your body is probably preparing to reward you with a bump up in fitness! That’s how it usually goes– you hit a sticking point, but if you keep your routine, your body will bump you up to the next level of performance.

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