Back on the trail again

I just finished a brisk 8 mile run. I’m not sure really how fast I ran because I was running at night and I stopped my watch several times at traffic crossings. Unfortunately, at one of those stops I forgot to restart my watch. It’ felt great getting my legs back under me pressing those 7 to sub 7 minute miles. My son Shane went with me on his bike. The last several miles he struck up this stange very annoying tune, “The old man say, the old man says,’aargh'” He just kept kept singing this amazingly annoying lyric over and over again like he was possessed. Yes, I wanted to strike him just once. I wouldn’t strike him twice, honest, just once. Do you know how inconvenient it is to be running at break neck pace having a moron, (ulp, sorry, I did just call my son a moron didn’t I?) Well, I’ll wrap this up, it’s great to be back and I hope not to let anything ( even the most annoying things) block my road to progress. :^) Keep up the good work,

Your cyber running pal,

Lew Jackson

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