Hard Day, Easy Days makes progress faster.

It’s tempting when you are getting back in shape or are really in a groove physically to want to up the amperage and do back to back weight training workouts. Recently I came across some advice that stated it was unwise to train with weights two days in a row. (An exception to this might be to work different muscle groups with weights on those consecutive days.) In reflection, I think this is wise advice because your body needs time to repair and replace weak muscle affected from the weight training. Your body also needs proper rest and nutrition.

With these thoughts in mind, I think I’ve improved upon my training schedule. I use that in between “easy” day for jogging or an alternative workout that involves stretching and mild strengthening/ toning without using weights– such as palates. I really enjoyed this morning’s easy workout with my son. We did lunges without weights that emphasized the stretching part of the lunge; we had a lot of fun doing full body motion vertical jumps; and we made up an exercise that involved squating then rising up slowly and reaching our hands towards the ceiling.

So you can have a lot of fun with your alternative easy day workouts. And you can squeeze in a lot of experimental or exercises you normally don’t include in your structured weight training routine.

I hope these tips prove beneficial to your training. ;^)


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