4 thoughts on “Smoking Gun: Just One Cigarette Has Harmful Effect On Arteries Of Young Healthy Adults”

  1. This is about the most rediculous article that I have seen in years. Especially with all the science that has been revealed lately. Don’t smoke a cigarette, but continue to eat the GMO foods from your local grocer.

    This is just the kind of insanity that has killed this nation.

    It disgusts me that there are still those that do not do their due diligence in researching facts. But the American people are used to it. (you can tell by the amount of growth in the Health Industry….aka….Disease Industry.

    Anyone in their right mind that does research will find very quickly that the only reason ANYTHING like these chemicals can harm the human body is because:

    1) The human body no Longer Produces its own Ascorbate.
    2)The cells in the human body are being suffocated.

    Please don’t waste your readers time with the things they have so much control over like smoking a cigarette, when the greater threat are the things being promoted through Main Stream Media and the pharma/marketing cartel.

    Wake Up….Time is Short for you and your loved ones.


    Live, Love & Breathe,




    1. Your website is very interesting and makes some good points. I especially agree that french fries from fast food restaurants are very dangerous for your health. Why because I feel the effects after I eat them. If we’re in tune with our bodies and truly listen to them we will avoid many unhealthy foods and practices. However, if my article scares one person into not smoking than it is worth it.


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