Wait! Before you buy PX90 try this!!!

This article is not a critique of PX90. In fact, I was very impressed with their commercial. The host of the commercial is 50 years plus young with a body and abs more ripped than mine. Usually these commercials feature young people who look good anyway despite slogging down Big Macs, fries, and strawberry shakes. I felt the commercial was credible. There were quite a number of women and men who would otherwise be 'over the hill.' So my interest was piqued.

My question is what about all those exercise tapes, dvds, and fitness knowledge we have acquired over the years. I'm speaking to us veteran exercises who are most likely to purchase PX90. Do we throw away Billy Blanks, Tony Little, Joe Weider, Pilates, and all our other fitness equipment? Is everything pre-PX90 obsolete? I don't think so. Ironically, I think all of these variety of exercise routine represent essentially what PX90 is, muscle confusion. The PX90 principle is to avoid stagnation/ sticking points by working your muscles in a variety of ways. The muscle never has a chance to adapt and resist growth or increased performance.

My argument is to dust off all of those 'failed' tools for getting in shape and rethink how we do exercise. Even if you're a mainstream athlete such as a runner or tennis player cross training techniques like PX90 will improve your performance in your select sport. I've decided to dust off my Gold's Gym dvd, Tony Little, Billy Blanks, Pilates, Total Gym, weight training equipment, bullworker, you name it, I just about have it all. And now it's time to use them all, not in isolation, but in combination so that I benefit from the PX90 principle. PX90 asks you to devote 1 hour per day training. Well, if you're a veteran and you devote your wealth of exercise knowledge and equipment to 1 hour per day I'm sure you can also attain comparable PX90 results.

Go for it. Your greatest ally is believing in yourself.

By Lewis Jackson


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