The best quick morning workout?

By quick morning workout I mean 20 minutes or less. I've tried so called 4 minute or even 10 minute morning workouts and they were never enough to get my circulation really primed for the day or even offer noticeable long term benefit– especially when this didn't include an afternoon workout of 30 plus minutes. What I'm looking for is a workout that will keep me close enough to my high performance workouts, keep me oiled so to speak so that I build core strength and conditioning. I figured if the mini workouts offered me enough conditioning I could extend these workouts more frequently to the longer workouts I desired.

Okay so what mini workout offers this level of conditioning? One recently discovered tool I found very effective for cardiovascular conditioning is the stepper. I prefered the Gold's Gym stepper, which also comes with a workout dvd. Whatever stepper you use it should enable a light up and down jog. A stepper that is around 4 inches high should fit the bill. I step/ jog up with my right foot followed by my left foot– two taps, left foot and right foot. Then step down, right foot/ left foot– you hear three taps. Then step up first with the left foot– two taps. Step down three taps. I go into detail here because you a rhythm of two foot taps up on the stepper and three foot taps on the floor before you go up again for two taps. I combine the stepper with push ups and crunches. And yes, you can go over 20 minutes– who cares when you're sweating now and having so much fun!

My Good Morning workout:

10 push-ups– to prime my upper body
15 minutes on the stepper
15 more push-ups
2 minutes of stomach crunches

That's about 20 minutes!

This is my base workout in the mornings if I don't do anything else. I try to intersperse this workout with a variety of other workouts in the morning usually lasting more than 20 minutes. This includes popping in my Gold's Gym, Pilates, or Billy blanks dvds. Usually I go with the 20 minute workout when I plan to run 8 plus miles in the afternoon. I hope this is helpful to your fitness goals.

Good health to you,

Lewis Jackson

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