When health food fails try drinking coke!

I've been struggling several weeks now to get my running back on track. But a nagging virus/ cold has been keeping my body locked up. The longer the cold snap last the more my athletic performance goes down hill. So tonight I thought I'd try shock therapy. I went to the corner deli and brought myself a Pepsi. (I was looking for my acid of choice, Coke Cola, but they didn't sell it.) Anyway, I swigged it down in a few gulps for maximum shock effect. I hate this stuff, Coke and Pepsi, never buy it. Anyway, it must of traumatized whatever mucus/ virus/ bacteria was in my throat. I had the customary burning sensation you get from acid and up came some stuff– details not needed. Does it work in the long run? I don't know. But I feel great right now. I'm on a Pepsi high for now and plan to return to my 'health' regime soon.

Yours in Good Health,

Lewis Jackson

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