Adventure is not outside; it is within…

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Yesterday, my Chinese Fortune cookie said, “Adventure is not outside; it is within.” And today I say, “Happiness is not outside; it is within.”

Hmmm, yesterday my adventure was truly outside, The Jacksonville Gate River Run.” The grim reality of recovery is now hitting my 16 year old daughter. She’s sleeping as I type this, but I’m sure she’s going to wake up like a groggy bear this morning. As for me, it’s 5 am and I know better to be up typing in my journal…

Anyway, there is some good food for thought today: “Happiness is not outside; it is within.” I felt miserable yesterday due to recovering from the flu. Some glimmers of sunshine shown through to my face I’m sure. The happiness and energy that surrounded me yesterday somehow did infiltrate into my inner soul and struck a cord. The energy of people around can certainly affect you. But you have to let your environment affect you; happiness is an inner working that largely is in your control.

Your thoughts and feeling do not happen to you, you generate them and make them happen. You are the captain of your ship. One thing I do know for certain is that when you let others steer your ship it leads to shipwreck. Good advice, “Take counsel from people who have proven their success.” And when you do, make sure it is only after quite reflection that you have come to agree this is the best choice for you.

Okay, I can see this is going to be one of those long and deep journal entries—but I think you get the point. Cherish your autonomy, avoid the habit of reacting to life and instead take time by the horns and plan your future; avoid being superficial, take time to meditate and search your soul for true genuine feeling and thought. These are the ways of the genuinely happy person.


By Lewis Jackson

Natural Solutions for Total Fitness

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