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  1. “King Of Love”

    These days the hierarchy,
    has become vastly corrupted
    as the royal colors of the soul
    have become a fabricated production

    there’s many you see who think they can be king
    a crown obtained by illusions and facades
    Radiant blooms now overtaken by weeds
    Discernment, is no longer taught
    Time for nobility and honesty to be redeemed

    My royal Court invaded by pretenders echoing fault
    “He lashed out at her, and we all heard the obscenities”
    “He’s acting like an entitled brat, don’t follow his lead.”
    If only kings weren’t human, but were bred by the gods, and the seas.
    Conceived by the winds, loving the leaves
    Caressing the trees in which they gleam

    I’m not born of some special breeze
    Breath of the gods didn’t give me life
    Born but of eternity, and serenity
    Of salvation, and strife
    Of limits, and missions
    Rebellion, and Light
    Born of mistakes, and tears
    Just like everyone one of you dear

    Losing this crown I don’t fear
    It’s never was the goal
    King of Planting seeds
    Of belief and peace
    When fear and hate run amok
    I don’t want to fight for a crown
    Or for triumph

    I want to give my hand,
    When the waves are crashing
    Just know we all are human
    All I ask for is some compassion

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  2. Enjoyed this. I’m assuming the king these posers are trying step into the shoes ๐Ÿ‘ž of none other than Jesus Christ, if not, I would suggest that or allude to it in some way. You go on a wonderful poet’s roll here in some spots, for example, “If only kings weren’t human, but were bred by the gods, and the seas. Conceived by the winds, loving the leaves
    Caressing the trees in which they gleam,” I’m just enjoying the word flow.


  3. skin sketches
    by S.A. Szoke

    dry, wrinkled
    finger pads worn down
    frontal aspects often joined in prayer
    sunken knuckles over deteriorated bone
    connect the stars on the back of her hands:

    pale, nascent epidermis
    fingers flaring frequently
    squeezing tight even more so
    often inserted orally, suctioned:

    melanin releases easily
    labeled โ€˜yellowโ€™, actually tan/olive
    smooth, homogenous appearance
    birthed in the Peopleโ€™s Republic of China
    deeply indented scalp and skull, maternal abuse:

    nails abraded to their beds
    only partial prints remain on fingertips
    paint, chemical, garden residues
    myriad tiny cuts, abrasions, blisters
    artist, gardener, home repair commando:


  4. Gypsy Of The Wild Wind
    by: John Gilman

    tonight, a ghostly wind howls
    through this chilly moonlight
    as shadowy trees slow dance
    while the past slips into sight

    you blew in on a winter’s day
    dark cyclone bringing change
    singing me sweet gypsy tunes
    words I would not rearrange

    silhouettes in a cabin window
    sharing this blazing fireplace
    your frosty breezes dying out
    warmed by love’s sweet grace

    with a
    lobo wolf’s urge to roam
    you couldn’t stay here for long
    on nights like this I remember
    how I lost you to the
    wild wind’s


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