Papo’s Toy Figurine Fantasy

Once upon a twilit soliloquy
I pondered thoughts between pounds of ocean tides
Tchaikovsky overture in Phillip Glass hues
sandpiper played notes with patter feet strides

I ride upon the Asian Unicorn
in saola herds of Laos and Vietnam
through wild forests of Khoun Xe Nongma
just me alone a solitary man

Seminole Injuns in Everglade grass
in solitude a wild panther roar
his pineland growls aside suburban sprawl
some countryside vittles, trolly cart tours

All the world’s parklands a menagerie
of plastic toy animal figurines
appear to move with fur, to chirp and bark
two giraffes with long necks chew leaves and glean

The purple aura moon in silhouette
upon the mountain trail unicorn
it’s yesterday’s glass dew now morning haze
the last is bones and flesh like Capricorn

Twisting brown paths of dust dissolved tombs
of tigers, lions, purple elephants
one dreams of Kwanzan pink cherry blossoms
soft chaise longue grass, sun-soaked relevance

Regard the floating plastic figurines
in ribbons aurora borealis
sky dragons in paper lantern auras
like Injun smoke clouds of the realist

I am awake in vistas castle moors
relieved, yet drenched in pools of darkly sweat
all puffs of Cerberus breath vaporous dreams
my knightly rounds along the parapet

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