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slowly climbing back

I’ve come to realize (for many years actually) that getting back in shape is an inside out job. One needs to rebuild the circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, and whatever other systems up to the par of high performance. The body has to become one in all its components. Even the mind, especially, the mind must be rebuilt to task for as one becomes out of shape the mind conforms to its confines. So I am building from the inside out. Each day I spend half an hour to an hour or more building myself spiritually, building my confidence. Did you know the Bible is a source of physical power. I’m not trying to preach, it’s just a fact of nature, like the sun is a source of dynamic energy. I also feed myself quotations, positive upbuilding quotations from the like of Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandi, Winston Churchill, William Durant, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, the list is endless. Many of these quotes I get from I put the quotes and the Bible scriptures on index cards. I read the cards one by one during a walking exercise on my treadclimber. This is powerful folks. This is my secret! Then after my walking routine I workout on my Total Body Workout by Joe Weider or Total Gym. The Weider machine is much cheaper than the Total Gym and just as good– I think it’s better than the Total Gym. Now I’m jumping rope and double jumping. It’s a work in process, but I’m slowly and surely climbing back to tip top shape!

New Blog

This blog is more for inspirational/ mental health. My latest vacation to Maine was a very rewarding one, which afforded me a chance to get back into shape and make some new discoveries. lease visit the special page I created for this blog. You can consider it my personal/ no specific theme– just me expressing me.

my personal blog


Easy Acne Treatment

This is a free way to freshen your face and all you need is a paper towel. I used this treatment to combat acne and it worked great. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser. Now rinse your face thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and PAT dry with a paper towel. The trick is in the patting dry and avoiding rubbing your face as this irritates the skin. I also recommend avoiding lotions that may attract dirt to your face. Thorough cleaning and blotting dry with the paper towel is the key.

By Lewis Jackson