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Running Daytona Beach, Fl

It’s December 26th and we’re talking 80 degrees in Florida. I’m not complaining, chilling at the Wyndham Club Resort. I’m still tired from returning from a week in Long Island, NY this Friday. So driving to Daytona on Saturday is not a good fit for me. I’m still doing 100 push-ups a day. Today is day eight. I managed sets of 10 today and this put me in a good enough state to run for 30 minutes on the beach.

wow, nobody is wearing a mask 😷. Just me looking weird as I leave the resort through the pool area and onto the beach ⛱. Finally I take off my mask. You know running is very tough with a mask. I’m zig zapping through crowds. It’s seven feet distance not really close enough to worry about covid. I’m more concerned 😟 with these little tots crossing my path. And don’t want to be a bully and step on their sand castles, even accidentally.

it’s civilization, being around people without masks, seeing their faces, acknowledging other people’s human existence. I’m 15 minutes out a good clip and only now on my return run do I feel a bit of struggle. Keeping in mind the past few days and my daily push-ups I’m happy just to be enjoying the beach, the shoreline, the splashy water. Seagulls and sandpiper congregate and then disperse, some scamper away with their quick little feet, others take flight and tease me to try to tag them. Not today.

I’m greeted with a neat little surprise at the end of my run: a man is sculpting what looks like an Indian resting on his elbows reclining in the sand. It’s obvious he is talented. My wife informs me later the sand sculpture was actually a mermaid. I plan to post the 📸 on my Instagram.

Coming Back… Again?!

After a bout with a long persistent virus, I’m positioning myself once again for a comeback of sorts. To be honest, I am sort of discouraged about a recent 9 mile road race. I mean I didn’t expect to do that well because I felt sickly, but the reality of actually performing that poorly– a measly 8 minutes per mile was depressing. Once upon a time I ran 6 minutes per mile over 12 mile distances. Those days are gone now, I suppose, but c’mon, 8 minute miles! Well anyway, today I did 200 push-ups. Last week I had did 300 push-ups. I’m trying to get overall conditioning first before I build endurance and speed from running. You’d be amazed how tough those so-called skinny little running wimps are. And now I understand why people who I felt had a grudge against me when I was younger opted out of the fight option. Memo, don’t pick a fight with young or old active runners they’re much more rugged than they look!

This is gonna be disgusting

Yesterday I ran 8 miles. Now there’s something about having a bowel movement before a run that makes it great! I had two bowel movements before the run. I must have been terribly backed up because after the run I had a final bowel movement. Needless to say, I made a lot of enemies in the household that day! But it’s great to feel expunged of all that toxin. What do you think? Do good bowel movements make for good runs? Good bowel movements, good runs! LOL (Pardon the pun :^)

Recovering from 12 miles.

Immediate first aide is important right after a grueling run. I drink plenty of water, but it is not enough to quench my pain. I fear laying down. Will I wake up? I sleep for two hours. The next day, today, I get up early and walk 1 hour on my treadclimber. Just to limber my body, nothing challenging. Then 300 jumpropes and I finish limbering up with the Total Gym. Nothing too workoutish, just limbering to get the soreness out. The tender pain in my thighs is welcome. I’m making a comeback!

12 miles in 85 plus heat

I lied. I said I was going to run 8 miles, but instead, I punished myself for jogging too slowly the first 4 miles and went for the 12. It’s an out and back route on a trail 6 miles long here in Fleming Island, Florida. The weather advisory is, don’t run unless you run early. I start out at 7:30, not early enough. The humidity is already heavy and can hardly breathe freely. My body is laboring and trying to slow me down. It’s only 4 miles!? Turn around, make it 8 miles and call it a day. Besides, you went to bed at 12 last night. But I ignore common sense. At six miles, it’s time to turn around. But how do I get home. I’m practically jogging in place. I am committed not to walk. 8 miles passes– only 4 miles left. I must earn every mile sucking thin air. The heat, 85 plus, is broken by shady places. I pray for water. I really pray because I fear dehydration and heat stroke. God gives me a cool breeze. 2 miles left now. My legs are broken. It’s ALL will power. I stumble like I’m drunk, but I will not walk. I arrive home beat up physically, but uplifted mentally. I am confident. I jogged the whole 12 miles under adverse conditions. Fortunately, I had drank enough water beforehand and survived.

I am looking for fitness comeback stories.

I am looking for people who have had fitness comeback stories. Could that be you? I’m attempting a comeback of my own in running. I used to run 6:30 miles in long distance running. I’m now 46 yrs old and the challenge seems daunting. The body just doesn’t do what it used to do– or is that true? When I visited Maine on vacation I had good success in working, even running up their steep mountains. I started to feel like my young self but then I returned home to Florida. I’m hoping to bring some of the success from Maine here. Let me know your success stories. It could be just the encouragement I need.

Your running buddy,