I did something weird this morning

I did something truly weird this morning. I hopped on my treadclimber, but instead of putting the pace fast, I punched it in at a whopping 2 mph– snails pace. At this pace I read the Bible, and famous quotes. Actually, I have a deck of index cards I read through with a famous quote, a scripture, a relaxation tip or whatever on each side of each index card. It takes me an hour to go through this deck meditatively. After my hour walk, I did a quick workout on my Total gym. Weider also has it’s own version of the Total Gym– so I have one of each machine. This is a weird workout for me, but it leaves feeling energetic and mentally pumped up for the day. :^)

Lew Jackson

3 thoughts on “I did something weird this morning”

  1. That is a fab workout. Sometimes I like to start off slow and go for quite a while and then really get the blood pumping with a short sharp excercise.

    I totally agree it sets you up for the day aswell. I just love running. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, all comments returned! It’s nice to meet other people in the blogging community!



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